लड़कियों को अपना पास्ट रिलेशनशिप हस्बैंड से छुपाना चाहिए या नहीं?
ye janne ke liya apko vidoe last tak dekhna hoga .

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By Priyanka Chaturvedi

Motivational Speaker (Love & Relationships) प्रियंका चतुर्वेदी मोटिवेशन दुनिया की एक जानी मानी हस्ती है , रिलेशनशिप की बारीकियो को उनमे होने वाली समस्यायों पर अपने दृष्टिकोण से युगल जोड़ो की जिंदगी में खुशियाँ लाने का प्रयास करती है. निरंतर अपनी काम के व्यस्तता के बावजूद भी ये आम लोगो से सम्पर्क बनाये रखती है आसमान की बुलंदियों को भी छूकर प्रियंका लोगो से बात चित करने में उनकी समस्या सुनने को हर वक्त मौजूद रहती है . साथ ही ये अपने सोसल मीडिया का प्रयोग करके लोगो के जीवन को प्रकाशवान करने में भी पीछे नही हटती ये रोज अपने instagram के handel या फिर youtube के कमेंट section से आम लोगो का सवाल लेती है और उनको अपने विडियो के माध्यम से सभी लोगो को बताती है चुकी हो सकता है ऐसी ही समस्या किसी और की भी जिंदगी में चल रही हो प्रियंका अपने instagram account पर काफ़ी active भी है. आप अब अपनी समस्या इस website के भी माध्यम से उन्हें बता सकती है आप हमे 9308563506 पर whatsapp करे हम आपकी समस्या को इनसे साझा कर आपकी जिंदगी में आ रहे दिक्कतों का भी निवारण one to one करने का भी अब प्रयास करेंगे प्रियंका चतुर्वेदी अब Aware News 24 का एक अभिन्न हिस्सा बन चुकी है हमारा सबंध अब इनसे अटूट है चुकी ये स्वतंत्र है इसलिए ये किसी और भी संसथान से जुड़ने को स्वतंत्र है. उम्मीद है ये हमारे संसथान को चार चाँद लगाएंगी हम इनके बेहतर भविष्य की कामना करते हैं धन्यवाद

41 thoughts on “लड़कियों को अपना PAST Relationship HUSBAND से छुपाना चाहिए या नहीं?| Relationship Tips |”
  1. भविष्य का निर्माण करें पूर्व की रिलेशनशिप अन्तरआत्मा में दबाना उचित है

  2. अभी एक एंगेजमेंट हुई है 10 पहले उसमे लड़के ने इमोशनल होकर लड़की से उसके पास्ट के बारे पूछ लिया और लड़की उसके झांसे मे आकर बता दिया.. अब लड़का मना कर रहा है. क्या करे

  3. Bsdk pagal aurat kela jb koi relation suru karta hai tho hamesa such se he suru karna chahiye na ki juth bol k larka ko pyaar mai fashana chahiye kela🖕🖕

  4. But mam past chhipakar husband ke sath dhokha to nahi hoga wo puchhe to kya jhuth bolna chahiye ki kuchh nahi tha past me please 🙏🙏🙏 reply me mam

  5. BOYS also have emotions Many boys study hard and avoid being in relationships to reach and achieve something and if they have no past.They deserve a girl with no past.So girls just for money Don't lie to your fiance or future husband about your past relationships.No Youtuber will come to save your marriage.Be honest first you can't build a relationships on lie.

  6. Are madam jhut ke bunyad pe bane rishte waise bhi nahi chalte . Or ek bar agr husband ka trust tu gaya to phir boht problem ayegi

  7. Mem ek suggestion lena tha mai ek ladka hu aur mera shaddi hone wala hai kiya mai apni patni ko ex girlfriend ke bare mai bata sakta hu…. Ya nhi

  8. Us ladki ko koi hak nahi hai us ladke ko judge karne ka ki wo ladka intelligent he ki nahi…samjhega ya nahi.Are pehle tum to ho jao…itna hi intelligent thi to ye sab chutiyaapa ki kyo. Husband to ek din banna hi hai to uske liye wait karti.. ab jab khud galti kar rakhi hai tab uske bad husband se sara expectation rakhegi… intelligent hone ka..chhiii

  9. Shut your mouth.
    Tomorrow if that man comes to know about her previous relationship from somewhere else which enrages him and divorces her; would she take responsibility of misery her kids will go through ?

    Shame on you for justifying being dishonest to your soulmate to live with ease at the cost of family. There are men who refuse to touch other girls before marriage and you think it's ok trick such them into lie ?
    Doesn't matters how hard your life goes; you've no right to deceive any man to escape troubles. People like you are the reason hate against woman is so organic.

  10. I am not acceptable mam
    Compromise karke jine me koi maja nahi hai mam …..
    OR past kabhi na kabhi samne jarur aata hai……..
    Koi bhi relationship strating se hi loyal na rahe to koi matlab nahi hai mam Jo bhi.past me huva ho vo batadena chahiye……vo chahe
    Girl ho ya boy badme uski marji
    Vo accept kare ya na kare vo uski margi……. marriage ke bad pata chalne se accha pehlehi sub clear ho jaye ………

  11. Single rho 😂😂😂😂😂 career p focus kro usme kuch achha kro society k liye kuch benefit kro apne capabilities and caliber k through.. Be career focused not supression and dependence focussed 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  12. Disagree !!!
    Please read my whole comment and reply on it !
    I am 22 year old, good looking, handsome guy, topper in school and college and currently focusing on my career. I never proposed any girl. Instead ‘I got proposals from 3 girls’ and many indirect proposals from several girls but I rejected their all proposals with respect because i have some morals, ethics and rational thinking. I believe first to focus on education, career. I don’t want to betray my parents by having love affair at the time of studies and personality development.
    So my point is i am ‘proud virgin’ by my choice. I believe in marriage system. I want to love only one person and stay loyal for lifetime to that person. in future my wife is going to first love for me (emotionally and physically). So why should I don’t expect same from her?
    I am not judging anyone. But in some youtube videos,articles they all are only getting side of non-virgins and they are imposing non-virgins on virgins. They are asking virgins to have big heart and accepts directly non-virgin, why ? If loosing virginity was their choice then its our choice to reject them. They don’t have right to judge us.
    I looks at this things rationally . And in my personal life, I am behaving in the same way that I expect from my future spouse (not having a past love and physical relationship with someone else). So my expectation is based on equality. I like to think rationally and keep modern approach.
    I am not judging anyone but yes virginity matters for me.(‘ I don’t believe in hymen and bleeding at first night etc.’ it is unscientific & judging someone on the basis of this is also wrong.) You will say ‘what about trust,love,care etc.’ so then yes! With all this things virginity equally matters a lot for me. I want to explore those things emotionally and physically first time with my future wife and expecting same from her. This is my wish, my choice. So whats wrong in this ? Who are this people to call me narrow minded ?
    Try to understand our point of view. Get one fictional example. If one Girl is having all random relationships and at the same time one boy is struggling to achieve something in life and he stays single for that. After he became well settled he wants same virgin wife as he is. And after all random casual/serious relationships now that girl wants serious,caring,well settled guy. Whats now ? They both deserve good partner. But no one can impose that girl on that boy. Its their choice. Every relationship should start with honesty and truth. Each and everyone has right to choose their life partner according to their preferences and values.
    Past matters ! What is my present is because of my past. Today i am enjoying success cause I struggled lot in past.
    So I respect everyone. I am not going to judge anyone. But try to understand virgin’s point of view.
    their is no one who can talk about virgin like us who stays virgin by choice until marriage, And expect same from future partner. Each and everyone just normalising non-virginity and imposing non virgins on virgins in the name of modernism,21st century and bla bla… And sorry if I hurt someone.
    If someone suggests me this illogical suggestion that ‘past is past’ and focus on present for marrying non virgin in the name of love so I have many doubts. some querys. after knowing the fact that she is not virgin what if i started imagining continuesly her with another guy and feeling depressed, still you force me to marry her? After knowing the fact that i am not first for her still you force me to marry her? If i can’t digest that fact and not seeing myself happy with that girl still you will impose that non virgin on me ? Rethink ! what about if she is medically ok or not (std)? What if her ex had some photos of unethical activities and blackmail us after marriage and spoiled our married life? Or make fun,troll or teasing? what if she never forget her past ? What if she compares? What if i found that born baby is not mine ? And in todays world considering gossiping,social pressure ..divorce is punishment for whole family although mistakes was done by only one partner.
    I just want to be virgin for my future wife and expecting same from her and want each other to be loyal for life time ! What is wrong in this ? If i am perfect, I deserve perfect.
    Even if we agree on other points and we like each other then i will be ready to marry rape victim or person who had faced something wrong in past because in this case it was not that person’s mistake. Even i will give emotional support to her and stand for her. After our marriage if any disaster comes newly then i am ready to stand with her and fight for her but i am not ready to handle problems related to her past relationship which she did by her choice. Why should i take unnecessary risk.
    I want to be in monogamous relationship. I am the only one for her in whole life ,she is the only one for me in whole life for the “first and last time.” How beautiful feeling is this !
    But it is very disgusting that everyone is avoiding our point of view, just trying to impose directly non virgins on virgin and trying to make atmosphere where non virgin can feel comfortable and easily ask to virgin that have big heart and accept us. No one trying to put our point of view and side. You may express your opinion! I am waiting for response. This all are my humble queries. Anyone can reply on it. You may express your opinion!

    In my opinion those who wants to be in relationship should clear each and everything before getting into it. Both should clear honestly everything regarding past,expectations and another things related future life. If matching then be together and if not then give wishes and move forward. There shouldn’t be lying or cheating!
    I am against hiding,cheating,lying!
    I just want to say like others, virgins also have point of view and honest expectations which i have mentioned in my above comment in detail. Because of that no one should call us narrow minded. Respect our expectations as we respecting your personal decisions.
    i always try to have rational,progressive and liberal approach. And as per this you have to respect each and everyone’s rational and good personal choices. But i am against those hypocrites. I hate their hypocrisy that at one side they support personal choice but at other side they are opposing and denying totally the personal choice of choosing life partner on our personal terms and criteria.
    I think people like me or people who have attitude like me don’t have representation.
    I am against judging someone and against extremist of both sides cause I would like to think rationally..
    I don’t judge anyone and totally respect each and everyone’s past and their personal and private life. I am no one to make statement on it . But their are many hypocrites who are indirectly making atmosphere In the name of ‘past is past’ against us where we just cannot have our terms. If we put our terms or criteria then they are ready to attack and comment on us that ‘we are narrow minded’. With this attitude they are making environment of inequality where we just can’t demand or expect like “if our partner is going to first love for us then why we should not expect same from him/her ?”
    I am against imposing opinions, defaming our personal criteria and purposefully making unfavourable atmosphere related us and our opinions. I believe in ‘live and let live’

  13. इसका मतलब यही हुआ ना के, बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ खूब रंग रंगिलिया मनाओ,
    बादमे पति के सामने सती सावित्री बन जाओ।
    Virgin husband deserve virgin wife.

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